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Condoms, Covered!

Do you want free condoms but don’t know where to find them? Now you hold the answer in the palm of your hand! Find condoms near you and get directions right to the door. Download the App from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

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About CCard

Interested in what other people think about sex and relationships but don’t talk about?
Take the anonymous poll to tell us what you think!
Check results to see what other people have to say and come back to see new polls each month and get the inside scoop.

Find out the latest information about condoms, emergency contraception and sexual health services. Not sure how to use a condom? Follow our simple step by step guide.

Anonymous service: We don’t collect any identifiable information , track or record your condom use!

Find an UNLOCK POINT (Padlock symbol) and unlock your CCard.
Use your CCard to get free condoms at outlets with no hassle.
Anonymous service: We don’t collect any identifiable information or track your condom use.

User feedback

"I'm really excited that this app is happening. For such a simple concept, it's going to make a huge difference to how easy it is to find free condoms in Tayside, and it's also one of the most inclusive apps out there because of how well the developers consulted with different groups during the process! :)"

~ Jai NicAllen

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